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We have created this website for our TPE.

The topic is about Constraint and Freedom

Can we draw parallels between the African Americans and Native Americans' history ?

We try to compare these two people in the United States. What is the link between this question and the topic: the relationship with the white people. After have invaded the Natives' territories and killed lots of them, they have "imported" blacks slaves to work on this new land, and they have killed lots of them. So, in USA, we have one people who have persecuted two ethnics groups. Some commons points, but some differences too.

We have chosen criterions for the history of Natives and Blacks, introducing the situation for these two people, and after compare them to find similarities and differences.

The criterions chosen are the demography, the culture, the religion, the social issues, the politics, the personnalities and the movement of protestation.

If you want more informations about this topic, consult the part "Sources" and "More About" and you will learn more about the situation of Native Americans and African-Americans in USA on these websites, as well as other films, songs or books.


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