We noticed that there was not a lot of informations about Native Americans but more of informations about African Americans. 

The lack of information about Native Americans is to approach with the fact that the Natives’ story, compared with this of African Americans, is unrecognized.

And why this problem is few well-known ? The solution is may in a word: reservation. The Native Americans aren’t much integrated in the American population, even if they have the same rights that the others, they live in reservations, just among Natives. Being almost the alone to know their history and to live in tribes, few people know the Native Americans’ history and fate.

On the contrary, the fate of African Americans before, during and after the Segregation is most well-known, because they always have lived in contact with Whites, first like slave, after like free men. Even if there are Blacks communities living in their own districts, like Harlem or The Bronx, the African American are more integrated that Native Americans.

The result is we don’t know lots of Natives personalities, but more Blacks. Who know Dennis Banks and Jim Thorpe ? But who don’t know Martin Luther King and Michael Jordan ?

This life in reservation has maintained the Natives’ culture and religion, even if now, more and more young Natives leave the reservations to join towns (Young Blacks don’t leave the town for the town).

African Americans are Protestants, Catholics or Muslims (or atheistic), some Native Americans put together Catholicism and theirs owns believes (near animism).

We finally found parallels between African Americans and Native Americans history (on the cultural changes, religion, protests movements...), but we found a lot of differences too. They were two minority groups with their own history. The two groups had a lot of human tragedies but they survived. The origins of those tragedies were only made by Europeans when they came in America and after. 

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