For the Natives Americans

The chronology for the Natives-Americans, since the end of the Frontier until now (1890-2007)

1890: Wounded Knee Massacre. It's the last major armed conflict between US and NA, who mark the end of Indian Wars and of the Frontier.
1890: Indians can ask american citizenship in Muskogee State
1890: May, 2. Oklahoma becomes white man's territory (before it was a Indian territory).
1901: Citizenship for all Natives Americans in Oklahoma
1924: American citizenship granted to the Natives.
1928: Meriam Report show the dramatic situation of Amerindians ( poverty, social exclusion )
1934: June, 18. Indians Reorganization Act (or law Wheeler-Howard): secured certain rights to Native Americans and include a reversal of Dawes Act's, privatiozation of common holdings of Amerindians. Local self-government on a tribal basis
1968: birth of the Amerindian movement ( American Indian Movement ), founded by Dennis Banks, George Mitchell and many others in the Native-American community, almost 200 total
1969: AIM's occupation of Alcatraz to San Francisco
1973: May, 8. AIM's occupation of Wounded Knee in Pine Ridge Reservation
1978: American Indian Religion Freedom Act : guarantee of freedom of worship for the Indians of America
1988: Natives obtain the right to establish in their reserves of the establishments of play (provided that the laws of the States do not prohibit the pastime)
2005: The Amerindian community holds nearly 400 casinos in 28 States for incomes, estimated by the National Indian Gaming Commission , to 22,6 billion dollars in 2005 and diversified its economy.
2005: 12 October: Natives Americans and supporters demonstrate in Denver against celebration of the 500th anniversary of the "discovery" of the New World by Christopher Columbus. For them, today should be a day of mourning.
2007: December 21: A delegation claims the independance of the Republic of Lakotah.


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