Native Americans:

There were no particular religion for Native Americans. Each tribes had theirs gods but there were similarities in theirs customs. All the tribes were animist ( which significate that they had spiritual ideas about souls and spirits ). 

During the frontier christianism arrive in the tribes with the colonists and many Natives Americans converted themself to the christianism. However christian tribes kept traditional customs and they insert these customs in the Christianism. The name of this blend religion is: Native American church. For example in Santa Fe's Saint Francis Cathedral during the Masses there is regularly Native dances and songs or they have included the great spirit ( Wakan Tanka ) in the Christianism.


African Americans:

Enslaved Africans brought their religious traditions with them to the United States, which included principally traditional indigenous African religions. While this religious tradition largely died out under the regime of slavery.

Most African slaves embraced Christianity, particularly evangelical Protestantism. There are several reasons this occurred: Often, slaves were forced to adopt the religion of their owners, which accounts, for instance, for the dominance of the Baptist faith among African Americans today, as a large number of slave owners in pre-Civil War times were Baptists. Many clergy within evangelical Protestantism actively promoted the idea that all Christians were equal in the sight of God, a message that provided hope and sustenance to oppressed slaves. Worship was also allowed in ways that many Africans found to be similar, or at least adaptable, to African worship patterns, with enthusiastic singing, clapping, and dancing.

In modern society religion has a more evident role in the lives of African Americans than among their white counterparts.





  This song is a gospel song (black religious song)



We notice that the religion of the both minority groups have evolved on the same way. The new African slaves who arrived in the U.S.A and the Native Americans were animist and they had theirs own religions but the contact with the whites changed all theirs customs, traditions and religions… Europeans and Americans in theirs habits converted these population at Christianism but Native Americans and Black Americans included elements of theirs religions in the Christianism to create a mixed religion.


Today the major party of the black population in the U.S.A is Christian but we still find elements of this heritage.

Native Americans there aren’t many information but we know that there is nearly 3% of the Native population who keep a traditional religion (which represent only 0.05% of the U.S population).

 So we can claim that African Americans and Native Americans have a similar religion in practice but with little different elements.





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